Dope dyed Anti-ultraviolet Polyester Yarn



Too much ultraviolet is harmful to human being’s health, can even cause skin cancer. How to reduce the transmittance of ultraviolet is getting more and more attention.

The ultraviolet that arrives to people is transmitted+ reflected+ absorbed= 100%. The product has the better anti-ultraviolet effect with the lower transmittance, the higher reflection and absorption of ultraviolet.

Jinxia’s product has very strong anti-UV effect. First the benzene ring of polyester itself has high ultraviolet absorption performance. Second during the melting process, the organic ultraviolet absorbent and inorganic anti-ultraviolet agent is added to the fiber to raise the ultraviolet absorption and reflection performance, and reduce the ultraviolet transmittance as well.

According to the Chinese national standard GB/T 18830-2009, when the UPF is more than 30, and the UVA transmittance rate is less than 5%, the product has the anti-UV effect, marked UPF30+. Jinxia’s product: UPF70+ or UPF80+