Dope Dyed Fine Denier Cooling Polyester Yarn



In modern society more and more people are pursuing cooling, moisture absorbing and comfortable garments.

Jinxia’s dope dyed fine denier cooling polyester yarn has high heat conduction performance and heat absorption performance, is obtained by the addictive process of adding natural minerals such as natural nano mica to the fiber during the melting process. The capillary effect caused by the fiber’s specially shaped cross section speeds up the heat conduction and brings us a soft touch.

After touching the skin, Jinxia’s dope dyed fine denier cooling polyester yarn can lower the body surface temperature 1-2 ℃. With the sunshine going on, 3-4℃ can be lowered. People can feel that the heart beating rate is lowered, the sweating and sense of heat is reduced.

It’s widely believed that the Q-MAX of product is ≥0.2 W/cm2, it has cooling effect.

The Q-MAX of Jinxia’s product is: 0.2—0.3 W/cm2