Dope dyed eco-friendly fire-retardant yarn



With the social development, the demand and requirement of fire-retardant fabrics is getting higher and higher. All the chemical fabrics are flammable, so it is an important and arduous task to treat their fire-retardant property.

To make the fabrics be able to slow down, stop or prevent the flame combustion, there are two methods. One is to coat the fiber or fabrics with fire-retardant materials. It is easy, but the function is not durable, and the style and feeling of touching will be changed. Another one is to add the fire-retardant agent to the fiber during the process of production. The function is durable and the style and feeling of touching will not be changed.

Jinxia’s dope dyed eco-friendly fire-retardant polyester yarn is obtained by adding halogen-free phosphorous aggregated fire-retardant with our new generation technology, which remains the fiber’s original excellent physical property and meanwhile endows the fiber the functions of permanent fire-retardance, heat insulation, anti-static, low smoke, nontoxicity, antidripping, washing fastness, air and vapor permeability etc. It can be widely applied in house and vehicle internal decoration, curtains, carpets, cushions, tents and sleeping bags, etc.

Main index of Jinxia’s products:

LOI: 30-45

Time of burning in vertical position: 0s

Time of fire retardance: 0s

Damaged length: < 100mm

Class: V0