Count: 50D-600D

Filament: 24F-574F

Luster: super bright, bright, semi-dull, full-dull

Cross section: round, trilobal, flat

Intermingle: NIM, SIM, MIM, HIM

Torque: low torque, medium torque, high torque

Twist: non twisted, twisted ( S, Z or S+Z)

Shrinkage: low shrinkage, medium shrinkage, high shrinkage

Tenacity: low tenacity, medium tenacity, high tenacity, extra high tenacity

Color: raw white, optical white, all kinds of light, medium, dark colors of red, grey, green, yellow, brun, orange, black, purple and blue. An expansive library of 4000 colors for you to choose.



Linear density deviation/% ± 3.0
Linear density CV/% ≤ 1.6
Tenacity /(cN/dtex) ≥ 2.8
Tenacity CV/% ≤ 9.0
Elongation /% Central value ± 7.0
Elongation CV/% ≤ 14.0
Crimp contraction/% Central value ± 7.0
Crimp contraction CV /% ≤ 14.0
Crimp stability/% ≥ 60
Shrinkage in boiling water/% Central value ± 0.8
Color evenness (grey card) ≥ 4.0
Oil content /% Central value ± 1.0
Network /M Network /M Central value ± 15 ± 15
Color fastness in soap washing ≥ 4.0

Note: The central value is to be negotiated with customers.

Jinxia’s superiority is “differentiated services”. All kinds of personalized requests will be welcomed.

Characteristics: Eco-friendly, high color fastness, consistent color, soft luster, comfortable touch, high abrasive resistance, stable shrinkage, etc.

Applications: Ideal material for warp knitting, weft knitting and weaving. Suitable for garment fabrics ( jackets, shirts, etc. ), bedding articles (quilt cover, bed cover, mosquito net, etc.), decoration ( curtain, sofa cover, textile wall covering), home textile and sportswear.